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Hay Distillery

St Bartholomew’s League of Nurses Gin

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This gin has been specially selected by Barts League to mark the 900th anniversary of the hospital in 2023.  Monks in the 11thcentury used gin as medicine and later it became part of a doctor’s kit.  William Hogarth, whose paintings adorn Barts Great Hall, also painted ‘Gin Lane’ depicting the evils of gin. Therefore, this seems a fitting way to mark 900 years of Barts!

All the botanicals used in this gin have medicinal properties.  With herby citrus tones from the homegrown lemon balm and mint, floral notes from rose petals, carnations and lavender, each bottle of this aromatic gin is filled with juniper woodsmoke creating a light smoky flavour finished with a hint of warming spice from cloves and juniper berries.


50p of each sale goes towards the League of St Bartholomew’s Nurses.